Changes at Basecamp

Basecamp went big this week!

There’s a lot of hate and negative vibes around the recent Basecamp’s corporate policy changes. See the announcement “No more societal and political discussions on our company Basecamp account”. People were quick to accuse DHH and Jason Fried of eliminating freedom of speech.

I’d like to share four points.

#1 Clear Direction

I respect DHH and Jason for being very clear on what they believe the right thing for Basecamp is. There’s nothing wrong with their decision even though some people don’t agree with it.

When they start hiring again, they will attract people who are aligned with their view of the world. Basecamp has just become stronger and more united.

#2 Stick to your values

I respect people who left Basecamp due to policy changes. You had an option to stay and you didn’t because your values no longer aligned with Basecamp’s direction.

All the best to people who decided to leave Basecamp and good luck with your next venture! I’m sure you’ll be successful.

#3 Delicate topics

In my view, certain topics don’t need to be discussed in a public space at work. Even though it’s tempting. Specifically politics, religion and what you do in your bedroom. These are personal and delicate topics that could cause unwarranted stress and conflict in your workplace.

After all, a decision to allow delicate topics to be discussed in public space at work is with the business owner. Let’s respect it.

#4 Keep it calm

What’s next for Basecamp? I guess the blast radius caught DHH and Jason by surprise. They might keep the company intentionally smaller than it was a week ago. They’ll be ok though.

I wish everyone the best and let’s keep it calm (perhaps, a good time to develop a reading habit?)

Love your work regardless of whether you are current or ex Basecamp.