Sep 15, 2023

The Power of "Stupid" Ideas

Have you ever found yourself hesitating to share an idea, one so weird or seemingly absurd that you questioned its merit?

I've made a conscious decision to share even my wildest and seemingly "stupid" ideas with my team. Because hidden beneath these unusual thoughts, there's a chance for something really amazing.

During brainstorming, we are often our harshest critics. The fear of judgement and the concern that our ideas may be deemed impractical or even silly can be paralysing. I've adopted a different mindset—one that welcomes the bizarre, the outlandish, and the seemingly absurd.

It's a known fact that not every idea can be a winner. In fact, I'd estimate that about 90% of my seemingly "stupid" ideas end up in the trash. However, the magic lies in the remaining 10%. These ideas, once considered, tweaked, upgraded, and implemented, have the potential to transform into something remarkable. What appears nonsensical in one context might be the missing piece in another, creating a ripple effect of creativity.

One of the reasons I encourage sharing even the most unconventional ideas is the power of collective creativity within a team. When a team collectively examines an idea that seems absurd at first glance, the potential for innovative solutions and breakthroughs becomes boundless.

When a team member presents what might be considered a less-than-stellar idea, I see it as an exciting challenge. Can I take this concept and reimagine it? Can we apply this idea elsewhere? By approaching these moments with curiosity rather than dismissal, we open doors to unexpected possibilities.

When team members feel empowered to share their unconventional thoughts without fear of judgement, it sparks creativity. Every seemingly "stupid" idea becomes a seed for potential innovation, and the collaborative spirit of exploration becomes the catalyst for discovering something truly awesome.
About Max Antonov
Head of Product @ Backpocket and a Product Coach. I write about product management and random topics that are on my mind. You can find me on Twitter, Substack, LinkedIn or Goodreads