Jul 17, 2023

"How We Roll" Team Activity

Looking for a team-building activity that's both enjoyable and beneficial for fostering better connections and understanding among your team? Well, let me share with you an activity called "How We Roll" that originally came from the book "Team Up" by Keegan Luiters. Then I made a couple of tweaks to the template and the activity to make it even more engaging.

This team activity not only brings joy and laughter but also helps team members discover the best ways to communicate with each other and build strong rapport. It's a fantastic way to foster a positive and connected team environment. Give it a try and see the magic unfold!

Here's how we did it in person:
1. Start by printing out the template provided and giving your team members 5 minutes to fill it out:
- Describe your work style as an animal and explain why.
- What do you value?
- What is the best way to communicate with you?
- How can others help you?
- What do you not have patience for?

2. Once everyone has completed their responses, collect them, shuffle them up, and randomly distribute them among the team members.

3. Each person takes turns reading out the answers they received, while the rest of the team tries to guess who wrote each set of responses.

4. If you want to add an extra element, you can keep score and offer a special prize to the winner.


Here's a quick example.

QuestionExample ResponsePurpose
Describe your work style as an animal"Eagle, because I am focused and goal-oriented."Helps understand personality traits
What do you value?"Honesty and teamwork."Reveals core values
What is the best way to communicate?"Directly and with clear instructions."Identifies preferred communication style
How can others help you?"By providing constructive feedback."Shows how team members can support each other
What do you not have patience for?"Procrastination and lack of commitment."Highlights potential conflict points to avoid

"How We Roll" Team Activity Template

"How We Roll" team activity
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