Product Management

Mentorship for Product Managers


I’d love to hear from you if you are looking to transition into Product Management, advance your product management career, get the best industry insight or some guidance. I can help you identify your strengths, areas for growth and put together an action plan for your product management career.

I have nine years of experience in Product Management and worked at Yahoo!, THE ICONIC and NewsCorp in Australia. I’m currently working at Brighte where I lead a team of product managers.

I’m an expert in creating a product strategy, identifying customer problems, surfacing users’ underlying needs, designing & developing solutions and leading teams to deliver exceptional products excelling in performance.

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  • What’s a day like for a Product Manager?
  • How do I get into Product Management?
  • What skills (hard and soft) should I have to be a good Product Manager?
  • How do I create a Product Strategy?
  • What books should I read to become a better Product Manager?
  • How do Product Managers balance Discovery and Execution streams?
  • What’s the difference between a Product Manager and a Product Owner?
  • How do Product Managers prioritise a product backlog?
  • How do Product Managers influence people in an organisation?
  • What tools and frameworks should a Product Manager consider using?
  • How to validate a customer problem?