Apr 15, 2023

The Purpose of a Strategy

The Purpose of a Strategy
I had to read a 30-page strategy document when I just started working as a software engineer.

I couldn't understand it.
I was lost.

Only later in my PM career did I realise that it wasn't my fault. The document itself was the problem. It lacked a clear vision, a logical structure, and a summary.

A strategy isn't supposed to be a complex, convoluted mess that only the chosen few can understand.

👉 The purpose of a strategy is to provide clarity and direction to the entire organisation.

A good strategy is clear and concise. It's like an elevator pitch. You should be able to explain your strategy in just a few sentences (use the SCQA to help you with it).

If you are a product manager, it's your job to work with your team, execs and peers to align them around the same goals. A strategy that is confusing or ambiguous only leads to wasted time and effort.

A clear strategy is especially important for start-ups, where every minute counts. To survive you've got to start moving in the right direction (hopefully!) and get results quickly.

So, if you're struggling with a convoluted strategy document, don't blame yourself. It's not your fault. Don't give up, though.

Instead, take charge and make it your mission to simplify and clarify the strategy.
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