Jan 10, 2024

Commitment is a function of two things: clarity and buy-in

"Commitment is a function of two things: clarity and buy-in" -- Patrick Lencioni, The five dysfunctions of a team

Clarity in either a project or an organisation ensures that the involved parties understand the goals, expectations, and roles given to them. All of these translate into apparent communication, well-defined objectives, and a shared vision where no vagueness is allowed. It is easier for people to fully commit when they know what is expected and what it is all about.

On the other hand, buy-in is concerned with the level of emotional and intellectual investment made by individuals in a project or cause. It is achieved when people feel personally bonded with the goals and believe their contributions are valuable. To develop ownership, inclusive leadership, decision-making participation, and recognition and valuation of individual donations are necessary. Naturally, where there is investment in something, commitment follows.

Achieving commitment from your team involves balancing agility with a clear strategy, ensuring everyone understands their roles and buys into the goals.
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