How to get into Product Management with no experience

Getting into Product Management with no experience might seem like a daunting task. Just like with everything else, once the task is broken down into smaller steps, it’s not that hard and scary at all.

The most common and accessible way of getting into Product Management is through an internal transition. This is due to a person who is already hired, understands the context and has developed relationships within the business.

Get a job in a tech company

So the first step is to get a job in a tech company! Just get in. Find a company that has a product management department and go for any job. Any job can do but aim for these: software engineer, data analyst, customer service or finance.

Talk to your manager

Once you have a job, let your manager know that you have a desire to explore Product Management. Your manager can connect you with the right people and organise mentorship for you.

Start reading

Create a new habit of reading business books. “The Mom Test” by Rob Fitzpatrick is a great start. Follow up with “Build Better Products” and The Lean Startup.

Act like a Product Manager

Then start thinking and asking questions like a Product Manager! Look at everything through the three lenses of product management: user, business and tech. Ask these questions:

  • What customer problems are we trying to solve?
  • What’s happening in the market?
  • How do we know this customer problem is worth for us solving?
  • What are the business challenges?
  • How are we measuring success? How are we keeping track of it?
  • How do we know the solution we are designing will work?
  • What other options have we considered?

Think through these questions before seeking answers.

Ask around, and read the product documentation.

Analyse new information.

Have you discovered or learned something new? Are you seeing any gaps? Share your thoughts with the product team but don’t expect a response. This exercise is for you, not for them.

Be curious, consistent and thorough and you’ll notice how you are getting better at understanding the context, problems and solutions.

Build your soft skills by meeting people within your organisation: be genuine, open and helpful.

Keep going

You’ll be noticed and get into Product Management with no experience in the space. I promise.

If you’d like to expedite your path to becoming a Product Manager, please consider buying my product management course.

Good luck!